Hindi ako marunong manahi pero aking pinagtatagpi-tagpi ang mga retaso ng ating alaala, nagbabakasakaling may mabuong sagot na aking laging maisusuot upang makalimot sa mga tanong na paulit-ulit, hindi matakasan, hindi maiwasan, hindi naluluma o kumukupas sa luha. Bakit hindi na ako? Bakit wala ng tayo? Unti-unting natutong magsulsi, maliliit na detalye, mga ‘di napansing senyales […]

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Judgment Day

Outside his medieval castle of sand and stone, stained glass and rubble, there are chrysanthemums and daffodils in his wife’s garden. They flourish beneath an old statue of St. Sebastian painted in white, cracks exposed all over its body as it kneels for my sins. Prayers are such a powerful weapon, like silencers on guns, making each […]

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I can easily forget your hands, but not how they used to feel. Not the way you touched me as I rode shotgun with your hand on my thigh and another on the steering wheel. Not when you randomly pat my head or held my hand or pulled me close as we lie in bed […]

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Drunktalk II

You promised forever like you were so sure of it — as if saying, shouting that to the world could make it, us unbreakable. And I believed you. I held on to your words as though my future was already clear, as though I didn’t have to look for it anymore because you were already here. It’s you. With […]

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Long hair and deep brown eyes, she was right there sitting at a corner. Her red lips matched the paint on her nails, quiet seduction lured me to her fingertips. I didn’t mind getting closer to her; she smelled like a garden of roses, asking to be taken care of. I took care of her. […]

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Do you believe in soulmates? That out of 7 billion people in this world, there is someone made specially for you? I don’t. I cannot simply believe that one specific soul exists solely to complement my existence. There has got to be another reason, a more profound purpose to life than be someone else’s destiny. […]

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